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Flowers That Fade in My Hand

[Wagner, Schmidt/Wagner]

Do you know, it scared me to death

When I first saw you right after this

Your face so pale on that sheet in that chest

Really, man, it scared me to death

They called in the morning

Told me you had died last night

I cried my eyes out

The sorrow blinded me for light

Like flowers that fade in my hands

Everywhere I feel your presence

I've grown since you left, you must be inside me

Sometimes I hear you talking

though my mouth

And sometimes I know you're seeing through my eyes

The father I once knew

Has become a close friend

The skill in my hand

It makes me understand that we're

Like flowers that fade in my hands

Mother said you would have liked

To stay a little longer

I don't want to think about

What could have been or not

Now I know you haven't gone

You're still here by my side

Into every straw of grass

Or in the fading light

I wouldn't mind to follow you

Any time or day

And inbetween, I've gotta go

A long and winding way

Now I know that death has no scares

Within the remains I've got my share

And I know my death has no scares

There is no mysterium for someone who dares to die

And when I'm with you

Next to the flowers on your grave

It's such a comfort

To feel the earth that leads to you

Like flowers that grow from you hands...


Flowers That Fade in My Hand / Rage

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