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The Scaffold

[Music by Wagner/Schroeder/Gruning, lyrics by Wagner]

No one could have known that you would end in this way

You gotta face it, it's the end

This world knows no right, they wouldn't see what is truth

They won't believe you're not to blame

No one can say - what's coming your way

And there ain't no way out

They're all looking down

No one makes no sound

Why must it end all in this way, why, why, why?

The torture's been surmounted now

you told them all they wanted

The pain you've overcome somehow

but what'll come from now on?

Dyin' and rotting will be your destiny

Sooner than nature planned

Where are those who loved you they all turned away

And no one will shed a tear


Raise up your eyes

The scaffold awaits

Truth tells no lies

The scaffold awaits

You're left alone in agony

The death blow awaits you

The public is your enemy

For crime someone must pay

Lying is right - it's an antinomy

But no one gives a shit

What is it, this mankind, a crowd of betrayers

Fearing for their own lives?


Dyin' and rotting will be your destiny

sooner than nature planned

You thought that someone loved you, but they let an

innocent die


Good or evil - it's in their minds

But they're so careless, though you've been kind

Take care of treason, kiss on your cheek

They got perception, but they're too weak

So many voices outside the room

They're waiting for you, await your doom

Lay down your head now - you're gonna die

The scaffold awaits for your parting cry


The Scaffold / Rage

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