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Hand Of Glory

[Music by Wagner/Schroeder, lyrics by Wagner]

Disturbing the peace of the night for a raid

Stealing goods taken through greed

A playtoty transcendental powers had made

This is the thing that you need


Hand of glory

Stopping all the sleepers from awakening this night

Hand of glory

Witchcraft triumphs in joy while the fingers are

set alight

All who live in this house fell asleep

The hand was making them drowse

Now there's time to take all you need

Ho hindrance to plund'rin' this house


First you need a hanged man's corpse

Cut off the left hand and preserve it

But dress it not with tannin pure

Witches know the right mixture

The hand makes succesfull robbery - well

But just take care of the thumb

If it don't burn someone's not in the spell

And he'll discover your plan


Hand of glory


Hand Of Glory / Rage

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