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Chaste Flesh

[Music by Wagner/Schroeder, lyrics by Wagner]

Sweet childlike lady

You stir me up

The time is coming

To warm up your ass

I've got the number

And when it's night

I'll come to screw ya

I'll tear you right

Now we're together

Delightful feast

You are a virgin

I am a beast


Chaste flesh - I'm gonna change it

Chaste flesh - I can arrange it

Chaste flesh - lay down or die

Chaste flesh now obey

She's coming nearer

Oh, if she knew

She's so wanton

Genuine and new

My body's hungry

Sweating in heat

I'm gonna give her

My rod of meat


Biting, scratching - baby you unchain my lust

Howling, growling - when will you unchain my lust



Chaste Flesh / Rage

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