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 Rage Rageметалл-гуппа


[Music & Lyrics: P. Wagner]

Look into my eyes and sink deeper

Look into my eyes

Drown into my will like a sleeper

Drown into my eyes

Now you feel as light as a feather

Leave it all behind

Strip your mind of all that encaged you

Forget about the time

And from the first sight to the last

The world is tumbling into vertigo

I can lead you, ways to explore you

Ways you'd never find

I can make you mine if I want to

You'd make up my mind

Feel these healing hands

Eyes of fire, magic pendulum

Makes you dizzy at first sight

Now my time has come

Oh, something touched you deep inside

Oh, take hold of a distant light

Oh, hypnotised, feels like vertigo


Vertigo / Rage

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