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Awake... Thy Angels Of Sorrow

However one day

Black shadows darkened the light

Destruction of harmony

The horsemen began the sentenced

In the name of god

A battle against godless tribe

A dreadful pact

Lost a thousand innocent souls

A sea of blood was the price

What they must pay for their life

Swords of steal and crys of pain

The silence destroyed once again

No one reason, gave them the right

Fighting a defencless tribe

So they created a misantropic kingdom

Created from a see of dmide

Weeping children died by holy hands

Summoned in the name of jesus christ

Blood fillded heavens lie above destruction

A Shallow faith formed into hate

Die - by the grace of god

Destroyed by their hate

Die - by the grace of god

The mistakes of life

As they ride the hill

To the holy land

A thousand people die

As the angels cry


Awake... Thy Angels Of Sorrow / Graveworm

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