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Келли Роулэнд Келли Роулэндодна из трех солисток группы Destiny's Child

If You Come Back

For all this time

I've been lovin' you girl

Oh yes I have

And ever since the day you left me here alone

I been tryin' to find

Oh,the reason why

Bridge:So if I did something wrong

Please tell me

I wanna understand

Cos I don't want

This love to ever end

Chorus:And I swear

If you come back in my life

I'll be there till the end of time

Oh yeah

(Come back to me,back into my life)

And I swear

I'll keep you right

By my side

Cos baby your the one I want

(Come back to me back into my life)

Oh,yes you are

I watched you go

Takin' my heart with you

Oh yes you did

Every time I tried

To reach you on the phone

Baby you're never there

Girl you're never home




Maybe I didn't know

How to show it

And maybe I didn't know

What to say

This time I won't disguise

Then we can build our lives

So we can be as one

Chorus X2

Келли Роулэнд

If You Come Back / Келли Роулэнд

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