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Келли Роулэнд Келли Роулэндодна из трех солисток группы Destiny's Child

No Coincidence

Two distant hearts on a map, both going nowhere fast,

late for an appointment they end up together in a city cab,

They share a fare and some friendly conversation,

That's no coincdence thats love,

She scrambles through her purse

He rushed in through the front

Looking for change

There a few bucks inthe back of the restaurant,

They start to dance til this day their still dancing

Thats no coincidence that love


It's amazing

It's perfection

How each little bit of star makes up one big constellation

of people getting connected,

it's truly heaven sent its evident that love is no coincidence

He snapped a photograph, she took a sonogram,

she didn't tell him, he shipped off to war in a foreign land

Left home a solider, but came back a father

That's no coincidence thats love

Somebody crashed her car

Hes got a failing heart

One thing can save her

An operation neither can avoid

With true hesitation to families get aquainted

Thats no coincidence that L O V E


how we intertwine is divine extraordinary

open your eys and you'll find it's involitary

seasons have reasons for changing

so that everybody can find love find love again

and again and again and again


Келли Роулэнд

No Coincidence / Келли Роулэнд

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