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Taxi Dancer

Written by John Mellencamp

Oh yeah

Well she started out, just to be a dancer

Gonna make her livin' dancin'

In the Broadway shows

So she hitchhiked cross the country

From Pasaroba to the Big Red Apple

Where your dreams are made

Your debts must be paid on time

Well she wasn't used to livin' in the city

So she took a job cleanin' up as a maid

At the Grammercy Park Hotel

And all her auditions

They didn't turn out so pretty

So she took a job dancin'

At the bar down the street as well

*I'll hold you close, Taxi Dancer

And I'll listen to how your outgrew your dreams

How they faded away

I'll hold you close, Taxi Dancer

We can pretend this floor is the Broadway stage

Well I don't know how long or how far

Her fortune did take her

But I heard she sits alone drunk

In a bar downtown on 42nd Street

And sometimes an old Butch

Will slip a quarter into the jukebox

And she'll stagger to the bar

And dance with that girl for free

(*Repeat Chorus)

Oh the stage, baby

Джон Мелленкамп

Taxi Dancer / Джон Мелленкамп

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