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Where The Sidewalk Ends

Written by John Mellencamp

Oh talk to me

Pretty girl in the corner

Tryin' out your sex appeal

Oh no, it won't bother me

If you talk about your TV Jims

And their overkill

You can be ...

You can roll out of you seats

I know what I want, baby

But you know exactly what I need

Oh run with me

I'll show you what life is like across the street

Oh take me

If you want to you can take me seriously

I just wanna throw you one

Time around the block

I know those small minded people

And I know that you won't talk, not much

Don't put me on

When all it really depends

On how you see yourself

Where the sidewalk ends

Well ther goes James Richard Riley

Screamin' his redundent lines

He's such a time waster

What's his he thinks is mine

But none of this for me or you

I got something for you better here

I got loads of dreams, everything is deep

I got laws, I got power, I got you

And that's all that matters

Hey you, they think you're crazy

But I knew that the first time

That you laid down

They know it's just your behavior

Well it's hard to be a lady

When you paint your face just like a clown

There's somethin' goin' on here

I don't need to hear from you

I got twenty five rings and a joker's ring

.... been real to you

Yeah they say I caught you

Where the sidewalk ends

But there ain't nobody buyin' nothin'

Where the sidewalk ends

Джон Мелленкамп

Where The Sidewalk Ends / Джон Мелленкамп

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