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Джон Мелленкамп Джон МелленкампАмериканский рок-музыкант, который начинал свою карьеру под навязанным продюсерами именем Джонни Кугар.

Pray For Me

Written by John Mellencamp

God gave Moses a few little rules

And he said I want you to pass them around

Take a look at those old tools

I can't believe the shit that's going down

You're supposed to have a good time

But I think you take it a little too far

Watchin' your life in vista-vision

A monkey on your back, a brand new car

Well Shakespeare threw down his pencil,

Said I think I'm gonna start layin' brick

Too much of this Romeo stuff enough to make

Anybody sick

Джон Мелленкамп

Pray For Me / Джон Мелленкамп

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