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Travelin High

Here come that good ol' travelin' band once again mmm-hmmm

Back in the alley, lookin' like a long-lost friend, oh yeah.

I know for certain there won't be no jive,

We're back in business, and you know I can fly, fly, fly.

Oh my my, travelin' high! Yeah.

Hey, hey, it's been a long long time, yeah,

But if it's all right, you know you're gonna blow my mind, oh yeah,

'Cause I'm a natural boogie-woogie fool,

Ain't good for nothin' but chasin' down the hoochie-coo.

Oh my my, travelin' high! Yeah.

Now whatcha gonna do with the old rockin' chair, Mmm-hmm,

Just sit you right down, start to rock, start to rock,

Start to rockin' away from here,

'Cause you ain't nothin' but a struttin' fool,

Back in the alley with the hoochie-coochie-coo.

Oh my my, travelin' high, high, high! Yeah

Джон Фогерти

Travelin High / Джон Фогерти

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