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Hoodoo man

There's a thing creepin' in the woods,

Like an ill wind that blows no good,

Women and children begin to howl,

When the moon-dog is on the prowl.


I'm a hoodoo-voodoo-magic man, got the devil by the horns,

His mischief in my hands. Ooh-woo-woo!


I can make like a big ugly bear,

I can fly like a bird in the air,

You could look, but you could not see,

You better make a move 'cause you know it's me.


Every night, when the moon gets high,

Come the children through the hoodoo sky,

All the women, they know my name,

'Cause I can fade away, treat 'em all the same.

Джон Фогерти

Hoodoo man / Джон Фогерти

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