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Soda Pop


Soda Pop, Soda Pop, everybody want to make it to the top. (X4)


Take a million dollars, baby, put it in my hand;

Put my favorite retouched photo on the soda can.

Put my face on television, say my name a lot; (lot lot lot)

Show your cola in every household, give it all you got;

Better strike while the iron's hot.


There's a generation out there, waitin' to be tapped;

If we play our cards right, baby, we'll be sittin' fat.

Play a little rock 'n roll music, tease 'em with a tune;

Show a couplea old time pictures from the baby boom,

An' suck 'em in while I croon.

[Chorus x3]

Gimme that, gimme that, money, money, money....

Джон Фогерти

Soda Pop / Джон Фогерти

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