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Eye Of The Zombie

Hoo! Oooooh!

Shadows on the mountain, and the night begins to fall;

Gather up the children, 'fore the darkness takes us all.

Tribe has come together, standin' naked against the night;

Twenty feet from the fire, the evil waits with zombie eyes.


Eye-eye-eye eye of the Zombie!

Eye-eye-eye eye of the Zombie!

Oh! Sneakin' through the long grass on leopard feet silently,

A beast already dead comes to join the dance on the zombie.

Ooh! Time has come again - again the moment of truth;

The terror is at hand, and there's nothin' you can do.


Oh! Hoo! Aaa-aah! Hoo! Aaa-aaa-aaaah!

From out of nowhere he's there, flashing hideous teeth,

Panic in the crowd, helter-skelter, we're brought to our knees.

Back to the darkness, back on the mountain he stands,

You can't fight a shadow, you can't kill a dead man.

[Chorus x4]

Джон Фогерти

Eye Of The Zombie / Джон Фогерти

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