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Джон Денвер Джон ДенверАмериканский кантри-певец

Durango Mountain Caballero

You know I love the trail I'm on

And the friends who ride with me

The country that we're passing through

Is a paradise to see, a haven for my spirit

The homeland of my dreams

My heart flies through the wilderness

And on an eagle's wings

And oh I love the waterfall

And the way the river sings

From snow-capped peaks both proud and tall

Through forests deep and green

The highway of the mountains

The lifeblood of the land

I can hear my mother speak to me

And hold my father's hand

Durango Mountain caballero

Take me for a ride

On the backbone of this mighty land

The Continental Divide

To the place where earth and heaven

Meet the mountains and the sky

In the heart of Colorado, Rocky Mountain High

And oh I love the campfire

And the circle that I'm in

The stories and the laughter

They should never, ever end

Forever in my memory

Forever in my song

On a San Juan mountain trail ride

I'll carry you along

Джон Денвер

Durango Mountain Caballero / Джон Денвер

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