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Джон Кейл Джон КейлВаллийский рок исполнитель, участник музыкального коллектива "The Velvet Underground"

Angel Of Death

Sushi for shabu. you keep calling me. you keep calling me.

Angel of death. i have thought i heard you singing. angel of death. i have held

The flutter of your seductive wings. angel of death. i have seen you counting on

Shadows. angel of death. i have watched you patiently waiting. angel of death.

Angel of death. i have felt the heat and the power. angel of death. emerging

From your deadly silver tune. angel of death. reflections of disaster the morning

After. angel of death. the stories everyone sees through. angel of death.

Джон Кейл

Angel Of Death / Джон Кейл

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