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Джо Уолш Джо Уолшгитарист и вокалист американской группы The Eagles

Take A Look Around

You will never see me

Walking around feeling low

You will never hear there

Goes a man who doesn t know

Too many roads to walk

Too many things to do

Too many words to talk

Moments too few

I don't think you know

Though you've been told a million times

Its not clear to see

Unless you read in between the lines

Look out your window

When did it start?

Nothing's for certain

It's just a part

If you're feeling low, no

And your world comes tumbling down

If you see how time stops

Better take a look around

Good things must end

They never last

Look to tomorrow

Forget the past

Джо Уолш

Take A Look Around / Джо Уолш

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