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Фет Джо Фет ДжоАмериканский рэппер.


I've gotta have you

All of you

I've gotta have all of you

Every bit of you

Everything i have is yours

And i will give it to you

I will never let you down

Anything you need just ask

I will give to you

I will never let you down

I'll be around

Everytime i close my eyes

I think of you

Wishing you were here

To make my dreams come true

Just like a child

With a brand new toy

My life is full of ecstasy

It brings me much joy

I really can't help myself

I get weak in my knees

When you're away

I can hardly breathe

It is so amazing

The way you make me feel

I have to stop and think

Is this a dream or is it real

Baby, i love you

Baby you know, baby you know

I'll do anything

So baby, don't worry

I won't let you down

No, i won't let you down

I'll always be around


Everything you want

You can have it

Everything you need

Come and get it

Фет Джо

Everything / Фет Джо

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