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Ride Wit U

Everybody say ride wit u, ride wit u, yea its 50 cent, yea and lloyd banks, yea, and young

Buck, yea, and joe. G-Unit!

Baby were gonna rock 'n' roll, with joe to the cover, we'll still hit the blocks and i'm sold

With you can you picture, me and you not even frineds, no crew we gonna do whatever you wanna

Do, i'll take ya mind off whatever you goin through, just sit back and relax to the sound of

The sax, i'm hood but that dont mean i ride aruond with the rats, i work and make music lose a

Couple pounds in the sack

Look at what we got right here, such a work of art, someone i'll give my heart to any thing

Thats what i do, just so that she would be mine, i give her all my time, every part of me my

Mind slowing my body were inseperable


Ride with ya, ride with ya, i wanna move with ya, move with ya, move with ya, i wanna ride

With ya, ride with ya, ride with ya, i wanna move with ya, move with ya, move with ya, i wanna


Your the type that just dont care, if its you i want im gonna come and get you and see whats

Really good with, you please believe i'll take you there, but first lets see if your'e

Intelect, you wont match us up with physical baby


Come on and ride with a thug we can do what you like, a baller baby you see the blue in my

Ice, drop the top and let your head blow back them j.lo jeans girl that ass so fat puff know

Just what to do with all that, chest to chest so ill hit it from the back, i do it like a pro

Wont nobody kno lets pop some more ride and listen to joe

I just want to let u kno that, that ooo your so beautiful (your so beautiful) and that

Nothings impossible the places where we can go (we can go anywhere baby)

[chorus x2]

Фет Джо

Ride Wit U / Фет Джо

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