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Love Is Pain

Hey, You must obey,

or you will bleed you know I need to get my way,

So now, you listen up-

you are my pup I'll beat you up in every way.

And hen I speak to you-

You answer true or I will make you Black & Blue

I love to make you wait- you take the bait

I know you hate and love me too.

**We are not to blame,

in seeing love is pain,

we are not ashamed

to say that love is pain!

And we'll do it again....Ow!

I know you're not afraid,

'cause when you stayed you knew you made the final show,

So now, you must submit,

I'll never quit to you,

admit you'll never go.


We are not ashamed,

We are not ashamed,

We are not ashamed,

We are not ashamed,

To say that love is pain, and we'll do it again

Джоан Джетт

Love Is Pain / Джоан Джетт

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