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Джоан Баэз Джоан БаэзАмериканская фолк-певица

House of the Rising Sun

There is a house in New Orleans,

they call the rising sun.

It`s been the ruin for many a poor girl, and me, oh Lord, I`m one.

My mother was a taylor, she sewed our new blue jeans,

my father was a gambling man, down in New Orleans.

If I had listened to what my mother said,

I`d have been at home today,

but I was young and foolish, oh, God, let a rambler lead me astray.

Oh Mothers, tell your children not to do what I have done,

to spend their lives in sin and misery

in the house of the rising sun.

I`m going back to New Orleans, my race is almost run,

I`m going back to spend my life beneath the rising sun.

(The Animals)

Джоан Баэз

House of the Rising Sun / Джоан Баэз

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