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Джоан Баэз Джоан БаэзАмериканская фолк-певица


Come all of ye fair and silver ladies

Who rise with the dawn

Dreaming of lovers

Sing to the swans

The count gave me a jet black saddle to ride upon

Showed me the view

Showed me the horses

And he showed me you

And you were young as morning sunlight

You lit up another cigarette

And silent, silent, clear and silent were your eyes

I never will forget

And I rode off on the wings of fantasy

Wandering through the corridors

In an ancient violet evening gown

Drunk on champagne

Had to see you again

Found you in the stable, would you saddle me a thoroughbred

And where will you be

When the moon's in the trees

Oh, come to me please

And there I stood a modern Madame Bovary

In a party dress

And silent, silent, yes, your silent eyes said yes

The lady in distress

And the night came down on the wings of fantasy

Well, I had been over a dozen times or more

To the red sand on Normandy's shore

Seen the Abby of Mont. St. Michel

Diamonds of Deauville

Ah, but I've never kissed you before

And you gave your heart to me

Yes, I am a fair and silver lady

I dance in the snow

And follow the stallions

Where the north winds blow

While I was lamenting over my lost youth

You came along

Dreaming of lovers

And an evening song

And, if I am a rose of summer

You are a breath of spring

A garden of delights

And when I feel lonely in days of winter you will ride

To the castle light

And we will fly on the wings of fantasy

On the wings of fantasy

Far as the eye can see

Off the shores of Normandy

On the wings of fantasy

Джоан Баэз


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