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Джоан Арматрейдинг Джоан АрматрейдингАнглийская певица, талантливая гитаристка

Taking My Baby Up Town

I was walking down the street

Looking like a million dollars

With a pretty person on my arm

When someone started shouting

They were hooting and a hollering

They were saying I should

Never have been born

I said baby you hear that

You're listening to the voices of fools

I said baby let me tell you

What they're trying to do

They're trying to make our love

A thing of the past

But I said a-ha

There very next day

It was early in the morning

The sun was shining on my back

I was feeling pretty rested

The air smelt good

And I forgot about

The thing in the park

When they walked up

then they passed me

You know I didn't want to turn my head

But they started up again

And those silly voices rang

And the clanging was

Too much for my brain

But I said a-ha

What we've got is the best

It was Friday I had money

I was feeling kind of special

I was taking my baby up town

The moon was high

The stars were bright

And there were lots of people in the street

I held your hand

And you kissed me

And then all the people started to stare

We started a commotion

Someone making comments

Morals, the state of affairs

And I said

What we got is the best

Джоан Арматрейдинг

Taking My Baby Up Town / Джоан Арматрейдинг

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