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Джоан Арматрейдинг Джоан АрматрейдингАнглийская певица, талантливая гитаристка

Bad Habits

You swear too much

You drink too many

You smoke like a burning

Haystack honey

You got bad habits

Bad habits

You chase all the women

Coloured and white

You steal from your mother

Do you think that that's right

You got bad habits

Bad habits

You walk on the grass

The sign he say don't

You say you'll do things

That you know you won't

You own a car

For which you didn't pay

But you earned my love

It's here to stay

Oh oh oh oh

Every lie a masterpiece

You're gifted

But I'm young

So I can take it

All the policemen know you

Your face


Where you were last night

And at what time you came

It's those bad habits

Bad habits

Джоан Арматрейдинг

Bad Habits / Джоан Арматрейдинг

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