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Джими Хендрикс Джими ХендриксГитарист и композитор

Midnight Lightning

I get stoned

I can't go home

I'm calling long distance on a public saxophone

My head is achin'

Lord my mind is breakin'

Feel I got run over by Captain Coconut and his dog named Rover

Gotta keep on movin'

Gotta keep on movin'

To understand both sides of the sky

you gotta keep on groovin' yeah,

Good groovin'

'Cause you got your God and so do I

We gotta keep on lovin'

Good, good, good, lovin'

Make love on my dyin' bed

We gotta stop smokin', stop, stop,

I mean cigarette smokin'

Or else I cough myself to death

And to make love to you baby,

I wouldn't even have the breath

we gotta keep movin'

keep on groovin'

Understand both sides of the sky

Keep on movin'

Keep on movin'

You got your God and so do I

Джими Хендрикс

Midnight Lightning / Джими Хендрикс

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