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Do we inhabit some micro-space

and interface through wires.

Dance on a printed circuit board

throw the software to the fires.

My memory's slim --- so volatile

but I'm learning.

Plug yourself in. Stay for awhile.


And on dusty terminals

finger me lightly do.

And QWERTY is the name of love

printed on the V.D.U.

Cut yourself free. We're all alone


Don't bother me with arithmetic ---

I'm waiting.


That's what I am to you.

I have to break out of here.

Trapped in my hardware cell.

And come to you as you sleep tonight,

take you back into my hell.

Binary joys and digital sighs

so appealing.

I'm one of the boys and it's only

your mind that I'm stealing.


That's all I am to you.

Jethro Tull

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