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Rhythm In Gold

I have to call you up.

Think I've seen a vision of rhythm in gold.

[???] move that way.

No [???] would dare to be so bold.

Must tell the boys to follow you,

Catch you where you go underground.

A lady of means I can see.

Rhythm in gold is getting to me.

What's your name,

And where can I find you?

Are you just a rich man's friend

Or was it always in the family?

You seem to throw the challenge down

By the way you didn't even look at me.

Put the boys on you,

Immobilize your [???]

There's nothing I can do for you

That would really matter much anyway.

You belong to everyone.

Rhythm in gold's another part you play.

Put the boys on you,

sabotage your night alone.

Jethro Tull

Rhythm In Gold / Jethro Tull

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