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Lights Out

Last light's out

They're all abed

And something's in my room

Creeping down towards me on the wall

Daddy said it's just some flickering

headlight through the gloom

Making shapes through trees outside the hall

But what the hell does he know?

He doesn't feel the dread

The cold restricting terror in the dark

I've seen that silhouette before

Something the newsman said

Something about some monster in the park


It's you, you're the man on the TV screen

It's you front page face of the dead

Locked up in the light of day

At night come out to play

To terrorize me there above my bed

The air is still and heavy now

There's thunder in the sky

He's dreaming up some message he can send

I'm scared completely helpless

and I think I'm going to cry

Are grownups brave or do they just pretend?

His face is growing clearer

I can see his eyes glow red

My teddy bear's the only friend I can feel

The shadow's hand slips down the wall

And touches teddy's head

I now suspect that shadow will touch me


[Repeat chorus]

It's you...

Jethro Tull

Lights Out / Jethro Tull

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