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Left Right

The master playwright

Urges you to play right/play wrong;

Life is long and every night's the first night.

The wardrobe mistress

Urges you to dress left/dress right;

What a mess when your underpants are too tight.

Who's on the stage door

To help you find the way in/way out?

It's not a sin to be knowing that you don't know.

When you breathe your last line

Will you make your exit stage left/stage right?

Well, you might decide while there's still time.

You have an angel on your shoulder

But you wear the old god's horns.

And you dance around the maypole

While the vicar makes a toast

To the pagan celebration

And extends an invitation to us all

So he can save us when we fall.

Who's your leading lady?

Will you help to get her off the bus? It's best

to pass the test before you get too lazy.

Strike up the orchestra.

Take your cues on the up-beat/Beat down

Anyone who says he doesn't like the sound.

Jethro Tull

Left Right / Jethro Tull

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