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Fylingdale Flyer

Through clear skies tracking lightly from far down the line

No fanfare, just a blip on the screen

No quick conclusions now --- everything will be fine

Short-circuit glitsch and not what it seems

Fylingdale Flyer --- you're only half way there

Green screen liar ---

for a second or so we were running scared

On late shift, feeling drowsy eyes glued to the display

Dead cert alert, lit match to the straw

One last quick game of bowls --- we can still win the day

Fail-safe; forget the things that you saw

They checked the systems through and they read A-o.k.

Some tiny fuse has probably blown

Sit back; relax and soon it will just go away

Keep your hands off that red telephone

Jethro Tull

Fylingdale Flyer / Jethro Tull

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