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Batteries Not Included

Six o'clock in the morning

Wake up by the bed

There sits a Japanese toy

And I like it

See the name on the wrapping

Can't read yet but I know

it's made for me (lucky boy)

And I want it

Lights that flash, wheels that go round

Digital display

Fresh silicon chips to enjoy

And I need them

(Where's the batteries?)

Sitting silent and empty

Wish I could breathe life

in my new friend who's terribly still

And I like him

Just like me. P'rhaps he's hungry.

Six volts make him smile

And twelve volts would probably kill

How I like him

Daddy, where's the batteries

I can't find my batteries

(There's no batteries)

Seven o'clock in the morning

They find me by the bed

with my friend the Japanese toy

I am with him

Mummy, Daddy --- can't see you,

hear you. Batteries not

included in this little boy

(Where's my batteries?)

Jethro Tull

Batteries Not Included / Jethro Tull

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