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Automotive Engineering

In the hands of science ---

the complete appliance.

We're moved to motor.

Do you fly a Spitfire?

Do you slide on a tea-tray?

Or walk on a short trip (Sundays).

Or drive come what may (enjoy).

Automotive science and engineering.

When big was better ---

and fast was chic,

the oil was cheaper ---

now we're up the creek.

But the Japs are coming

and everyone's turbo'd

and carbon fibre

is the way to go, go.

Down at the robod factory

things are humming.

New radical suspension ---

no humans testing.

(Wind it up, wind it up.)

Take a trip

in your Freudian slip.

Doctor Ferdinand (Ferdie)

has you in his grip.

Jethro Tull

Automotive Engineering / Jethro Tull

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