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The actor's milling helplessly,

The script is blowing out to sea,

But what the hell, we didn't even pass an audition.

The lines you'll have to improvise,

The words are written in the eyes

Of politicians who despise their fathers.

And so, the play necessitates

That all you boys participate

In fierce competition to eliminate each other.

And who is on the way to war,

get right the next field score.

But the road [???]

his glow is really nothing.

Men of religion on the lake

let know they undertake

to make you wise for God's own sake

and not another.

While ladies get their bedding done

To win themselves a bouncing son,

But bad girls do it for the fun of just being.

And me I'm here to sing along

And I'm not concerned with the right and wrongs,

Just asking questions that belong without an answer.

The God is laughing up his sleeve

As he pours himself another cup of tea,

And he waves goodbye to you and me, at least for now.

Jethro Tull

Audition / Jethro Tull

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