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Джефф Бакли Джефф Баклирок музыкант

Sweet Thing

and i will stroll the merry way

and jump the hedges first

and i will drink the clear

clean water for to quench my thirst

and i shall watch the ferry-boats

and they'll get high

on a bluer ocean

against tomorrow's sky

and i will never grow so old again

and i will walk and talk

in gardens all wet with rain

'hey, it's me, i'm dynamite

and i don't know why'

we shall walk and talk

in gardens all misty and wet with rain

my, my, my, my, my sweet thing

and i will raise my hand up

into the night time sky

and count the stars

that's shining in your eye

and i'll be satisfied

in gardens all wet with rain

and i will never, ever, ever, ever

grow so old again.

oh sweet thing, sweet thing

sugar-baby with your champagne eyes

and your saint-like smile

Джефф Бакли

Sweet Thing / Джефф Бакли

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