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Mean Machine

Looking good, stepping out, looking for romance

Crazy arms, crazy legs, save me the last dance

Hold me tight, make me warm, give me shelter

Treat me right, in from the storm, helter skelter

You know the way, the game is tough

Need some motivation, to help you get it up

Cause it's only, love for sale,

Heart of gold and hard as nails

I can't believe it's legal,

To send it through the mail

Only love for sale

Call me up, call me back, call me what you want to

Shoot your shot, shoot the moon, nothing that you can't do

All for me, one for all, shoulder to shoulder

Here and gone, sure like to ball, rock n' roller

You know the way, stuff goes around,

You need a half nelson, to help you get it down

Rip it up, rip it out, Shake your money maker

Feels so good, in and out, real earth shaker

Get up close, stroke your bones, get a grip babe

Take a trip, take me home, feel the earth shift babe

You know the way, so get it right

You don't need an airplane, to get you through the night


Mean Machine / Motorhead

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