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Do You Believe (Hova Interlude)

Well, I'm the ghetto's answer to Trump

I'm cancer to the Hamptons

20 million a wop, brand sac and mansions

Increase the noise pollution, as soon as I land in

Don't even trust uppity white folks

Keep the cannon tuck

Niggas trying to lean on Jay, shots gonna stand you up

Glocks gonna pop, ya not understandin much

I hustle for the thuggest

Well, now I hustle for the rust, like fuck it baby

I just love it

Chicks now say they like the way I thug it

Since my album dropped,my stock grows like I went public

Ladies I love ya

But I love my freedom more

I love my niggas, love to see them ball

I love Bean's and Bleek

Them niggas like my Peter and Paul

My disciples, and that's right we coming for the title.....

Do you believe, it's Hova the God


Do You Believe (Hova Interlude) / Джей-Зи

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