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Young! For life

Once again it's the life, yessss

(I don't know why, I.. get so high on)

It's intoxicatin man, y'all don't know why you do what you do

(Get so high on, get so high - high off the life)

[Verse One]

The allure of breakin the law

Is always too much for me to ever ignore

I gotta thing for them big body Benzes, it dulls my senses

In love with a V-Dub engine

Man I'm high off life, fuck it I'm wasted

Bey Venay kicks, or them Marvin Kaye wrists

My women friend get tennis bracelets

Trips to Venice, get they winters replaced with

the sun, it ain't even fun no more I'm jaded

Man, it's just a game, I just play it to play it

I put my feet in the footprints left to me

Without sayin a word, the ghetto's got a mental telepathy

Man my brother hustled so, naturally

Up next is me, but what perplexes me

Shit I know how this movie ends, still I play

the starrin role in "Hovito's Way"


It's just life, I solemnly swear

To change my approach, stop shavin coke

Stay away from hoes, put down the toast

Cause I be doin the most.. oh no!

But every time I felt that was that, it called me right back

It called me right back, man it called me right back - oh no!

[Verse Two]

I'm like a Russian mobster, drinkin distilled vodka

'Til I'm under the field with Hoffa, it's real

Pillow-top him like a toupee

Mix the water, with the soda

Turn the pot up make a souflee

All of y'all can get it like group-ays in your 2-way

I'm livin proof that crime do pay

Say hooray to the bad guy, and all the broads

puttin cars in they name for the stars of the game

Puttin 'caine in they bras and their tomorrows on the train-ac


Allure / Джей-Зи

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