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Love Can't Buy You Money

You dare to tell me what to do

You have a lot of nerve

Watch your mouth or you might get

The dentist you deserve

You're leaving soon, your awful doom

Example to us all

You be so far back you won't

Hear the hound-dogs call

Go Go, whaddya know

I know what the deal is

You might try to cop a feel

And I know what a feel is

You go out and you go down

Some might think it's funny

Prostitute, destitute

Love can't buy you money

Don't you know the way is slow

And you've run out of time

Watch your feet or you might fall

And it's been quite a climb

Breaks my heart to say good-bye

But that's the way it goes

Don't you see, the hanging tree

Get up on your toes

Well here we are among the stars

Dizzy from the rush

We can't see your face no more

Behind that burning bush

Your Bible hits the floor as we

Exchange our fond good-byes

Turned around & falling down

Funny how time flies


Love Can't Buy You Money / Motorhead

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