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Breathe Easy Lyrical Exercise


So I had to memorize these rhymes until I got home

Ya understand? Once you memorize a sentence

It's like an exercise (echoes)

*heavy breathing*


Ya niggas can't be serious right now

I'm the all time heavy weight champion of flowers

I'm leading the league in at least six statistical categories right now

Best flow, Most consistent, Realest stories

Most charisma, I set the most trends

And my interviews are hotter


I jog in the graveyard

Spar in the same ring

Now it's house by the building

Where Malcolm X was slain

I spring train in the winter

Round early December

Run suicide drills over and over

With the weight of the world on my shoulder

That's why they call me Hova

I'm far from being God

But I work goddamn hard

I wake up the birds who in the nerves is sleep

I'm catching my second wind the second the first one end

I am focused man

And I'm not afraid of death

And I'm going all out

I circle the vultures in a van and

I run the block (run)

Pull up in a drop (pull up)

Push up on my money (push up)

I'm in great shape dunny

I keep jacks jumping thirty six sets

Like a personal trainer I teach coke to stretch

I pump and rock sweats

All white trainers

The ghettoes, Billy Blanks

I show you niggas what pain is

Maintain your stamina

Hov will damage ya

Spot you two rhymes y'all niggas is amateurs

The fifth

A dead lift if

Niggas don't want to get shot then y'all niggas better squat

I drop your set for rep

No need to hit the showers

The spit from the fifth leave you wet

Lyrical exercise

(hard breathing)

Y'all niggas ain't tired right?

(Chorus 4X)

One, One

Two, Two

Three, Three

Four, Breathe Easy


Get your weight up

Not your hate up

Jigga man is diesel

When I lift the eight up

Y'all ain't ready to workout with the boy

Your flow is brain on drugs

Mines is rap on steroids

I lift every voice when I sing

My ability

Make yours look like an exercise in futility

Bring your squad

Biceps, Triceps, and Quads

We don't struggle with undeveloped muscles

Y'all ain't real

That's y'all Achilles Heel

Same routine when you see me you know the drill

I spot ya

I lift the weight of the watch off your arm

Remain nice and calm

Put down your things

Trinidad of the game know my way around your ring

No matter how many pounds you bring

It sounds like the same old thing

R-O-C is the strongest team

(Chorus 4X


Breathe Easy Lyrical Exercise / Джей-Зи

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