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See Me Burning

What's the matter, baby

What a wicked smile

You look like the ghost of Cinderella

You look like you'd go a country mile

My, my, my, my, you're coming on strong

Shoot 'em down, shoot 'em down

Gonna burn the whole world down

See me burning...

Where's the action honey?

Speak and tell me true

Even if you don't know what I'm saying

You look like you know the ones who do

My, my, my, my, you really fetch my bone

You're the one, you're the one

Shake your ass, bring it on

See me burning...

What's the matter, baby?

Don't you wanna play?

Come on over later, bring your sister,

I swear to you she won't be in the way

My, my, my, my, I wanna go for broke

Come on down, come on up

I got the magic, I can change your luck

bye bye baby, bye bye

I gotta move on down the road

Stand your ground, stand your ground

Don't forget me and I'll see you round

See me burning, see me burn


See Me Burning / Motorhead

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