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 Mortification Mortificationрок-группа


Verse 1

Over indulgence in substance you require

To settle down, to feel sane, the his is in your mind

Veins pumping, eyes lost, hideous life of pain

It hates you now, the joy is gone, death crime insane.


Drug free body, you must deceide

Drug free body, beware! The toxic shock.

Verse 2

A life of compulsion, excessive in every way

No moderation, more sensation, feelings inside your brain

Young bodies may take it, but age will tell the toll

Satans plan to kill you young, possession growing strong.



Pain, fear, despair

Hope, it is the other way of life, you can be saved

from the toxic shock, from the pain inside

From a mind of loss, see the cross

Verse 3

Back street hangout, in drains you do await

Body shacking, heart is racing, frantic for you man

More suffering, excessive, ways have killed your mind

You will crawl the gutters of filth to fix your pain


Verse 4

Many will testify, that through the power of God

All is broken, all is clean, God can heal your mind.

Drug free, it can be your way

Simply see that it is done, Christ is there to save.



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