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 Mortification Mortificationрок-группа

New Beginnings

Eradicaion of disobedience

The lake of fire for the dying soul

The crucifiction brings try remission eternal life the eternal goal

Christ descended and took the keys

Enthroned majestic at God's right hand

The great commission the chilren of God

You(r) eyes on Jesus you of faithful wittness


Are you ready to learn

Rise up people in power

Are you ready to burn

With fire from on high

I won't choose pleasures of sin

For a short time

I won't betray the sacrifice

That Christ made for me

No excuse to enter the state of sin

I will not turn away


Satan's name exposes all he is to be

Reprobate with no authority

There is only one name by which you may be saved

That's the name of Jesus Christ

You must realize death is the result of sin

Seek God's forgiveness seek it down within



New Beginnings / Mortification

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