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 Mortification Mortificationрок-группа

New Awakening

We are the order of grinding silence

Leaving the peace as the music subsides

Again impacting with brutal sonics

He will expel the evil of darkness


Essence of silence

Monks of the high Lord

Essence of noise

Monks of the high Lord

Feeling cold from a menacing absence

I'm surrounded by a constant noise

I remember my true religion

I adjourn to your peace in the mist



I see, the beauty and beast

I feel, your power and beat

I know there is a way

Show me, grinding silence

So many people

Caught in a world of noise

Open your mind and see the sound of the quiet

Live in the grinding silence

A life of sheer extremes

Noise and quiet, life, Lord & peace

What do you worship?

Don't worship gods of wood and steel


Finding solace in the light of your word

Breeding life in the heast of silence

Humming a tune of orchestral essence

Meeting with you in the still of creation


New Awakening / Mortification

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