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Grind Planetarium

"What is truth?", I ask myself

All religions boast absolute truth

But temptation is all that I find

As flesh craves overshadows the emptiness

On through the valley of blindness I roam

As voices whisper in the wind around

Calling me into the darkness beyond

Like the sound of sirens in the distance


From the valley of the shadows

Into the darkness beyond

Feel the calling of pleasures

Overshadow man's emptiness

My guiltiness bleeds internally

Inside tunnels of blocked emotions

The silent screams within my inner being

Bursting forth in desperation


Disillusionment fades

As I change my course

Rejection of pride through repentance

The answer revealed - messeanic deity

The judge paid the sinners debt


From the valley of the shadows

Into the light of Crist

I follow the calling if righteousness

As shadows cringe from the brightness

Peace engulfs me

As I surrender my life

The entwinning of guilt is lifted away

Shadows are scattered by

The Lamb of God

Delivered from the

Abuse of substances

Scripure references:

John 3:16, 18:37,38

Romans 8:23

John 3:20,21


Grind Planetarium / Mortification

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