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Long As I Live

(chorus) long as i live i'll handle my biz, take care of our kids, cause loving

you is what it is girl, long as i live, i vow to share with you, happiness and

this, cause loving you is what it is

1st verse

with this ring i thee wed to share my life to share my home to share my heart

and my bed, to not make you weak but strengthen you instead till death do us

part, from this day forward, for all times baby, here on earth and where angels

fly, gonna love you so much till it makes you cry with every beat of my heart.


before our God i'll take this vow, with family gathered around its official

now, so take my hand and let's take a vow, and together we will win, a

commitment to make, a sacrifice, i gladly give up i've made up my mind, for you

being my friend, and being my wife, i'd do it all again

(special chrous)

wont you trust me, i will show you the type of man that was raised to be if you

just let me, slide this ring on, up on your finger, cop the crib help raise the

kids, yes i'll deliver, promise to never let you down, oh no, i promise to

always be right there, i'll be around

(jaheim) just as long as you say the words, long as i live, i vow to share with

you happiness and this girl loving you, loving you is what it is


fades out


Long As I Live / Jaheim

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