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Жермен Джексон Жермен ДжексонАмериканский певец, бас-гитарист, композитор, старший брат поп-звезд Майкла Джексона

Treat You Right

(Feat. Babyface)

When I heard that you were looking for a love right away

I knew I was the one

Ain't no point in looking anymore...more

Girl I'm ssure cause I

I know what you've been missing

And I'm standing here to listen

Girl I will give you undivided attention to your heart...

Heart girl I want to


Treat you right

Treat cha like a lady

Treat you right

Treat you like my baby

Treat you right

Treat you like the lady you are

Let's get the fire ignited you'll see

There's no point in waiting anymore...more that's for sure

I wanna give you my kisses girl

I wanna give you my whole damn world

I wanna give you my heart, my soul, don't you know

Get this girl, I really wanna get with you girl

I wanna give you my rock, my roll, my sexy soul

Girl I want to


Жермен Джексон

Treat You Right / Жермен Джексон

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