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Barbie Dol

(1, 2, 1 2)

I see you lookin and I know what you think

You're gettin braver with every drink

But I'm tellin you somethin you oughta know

She may look like a sweet young thang

Talkin to him she ain't hearin a thing

If you were smart

You'd turn around and let her go


that girls a barbie doll (barbie doll)

yea a barbie doll (barbie doll)

yea shes real good lookin'

aint got no heart at all

puts on her make up and she drives to the bar

in her boyfriends old mans brand new car

hes got no idea what she does or why

she does whatever she wants i guess

whatever comes first, whatever looks best

nobody i know has ever seeeen her cry


you shoulda seen her last saturday night

she had a friend of mine, he was treatin her right

hangin on him, til she found a better deal

you shoulda seen how cold she got

my buddy asked why and she said why not

nobody i know swears shes even realllll a


yea shes a barbie doll

yea a barbie doll

yea shes real good lookin

aint got no heart (no heart at all)

Barbie Dol /

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