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Thought That I Was Over You

Well I saw you at the opening

Somebody's hand was up your dress

You were showing off everything

Except your finesse

Thought that I

Thought that I was over you

Thought that I, thought that I

Thought that I was over you

In a shack one night in Brisbane

You said that I'd just missed my flight

Playing cards, raining hard

And holding on with all my might

Like a firework going off in my mind

I have to say it hurt me seeing you have a good time

I know you're there, you've got new friends

From my point of view, well it depends

I'm sure there was a reason

It's pretty clear to me

If he's got a hold on your heart yeah

I hope he shows some mercy

Can't you hear the phone ringing

Can't you see the train has come

Can't you hear the Seraphim is singing

Devil beating on his drum

Jack Frost

Thought That I Was Over You / Jack Frost

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