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Waiting on a word

Standing on the highway

Watchin' all the cars go by

I've been searching the horizon

Wind is blowing dust in my eyes

You've been gone such a very long time

Seems like a hundred years have passed

I left my heart down at the pawnshop

Can't afford it any more, no more

Now I'm feeling such a space inside me

Every time there's someone at the door

I'm not living till I hear you on the line

And then you go to fly so very fast

Ooh, waiting on a word

Ooh, fires still burning

Ooh, baby turn around

Ooh, you gotta

Come on home

All those promises

That we drove


With nowhere to go

Well we started out so fine

Now the flame is all but dying

Ooh, waiting on a word

Waiting on a word /

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